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Hydrogen, when used in a fuel cell to provide electricity, is an emissions-free alternative fuel produced from diverse energy sources. Currently, drivers of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) can fuel up at retail stations in less than 5 minutes and obtain a driving range of more than 300 miles.

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The Benefits of Hydrogen


Fuel cells have a higher efficiency than diesel or gas engines.

Environmentally Friendly

Fuel cells can eliminate pollution caused by burning fossil fuels; for hydrogen fuelled fuel cells, the only by-product at point of use is water.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance of fuel cells is simple since there are few moving parts in the system.

Longer Operating Time

Operating times are much longer than with batteries, since doubling the operating time needs only doubling the amount of fuel and not the doubling of the capacity of the unit itself.

Greater Independence

Since hydrogen can be produced anywhere where there is water and a source of power, generation of fuel can be distributed and does not have to be grid-dependent.


Most fuel cells operate silently, compared to internal combustion engines.